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Northern Highlands

Northern Highlands

Explore this pristine corner of Scotland and adventure through mountainous regions, rocky coasts and across grass fields, either by foot or bike.

Visitors have ample opportunities to visit the many attractions, take part in exciting activities and explore the stunning surrounding landscapes on one of the many nearby paths or trails. This area is also a great spot for photographers and wildlife watchers to spot the local wildlife, from the Dolphins swimming in the Moray Firth, to red deer running in the forest as well as Scottish wildcats and the elusive red squirrels.

During your stay here, explore nearby golf courses, castles, whisky distilleries and the many outdoor activities available. There is a rich wealth of history located within the Northern Highlands, from the remains of the Pictish Celts that once inhabited the land, to medieval castles and World War II tributes. Visitors can experience many historical sites themselves, or pay a visit to one of the many museums to learn more about the region

We love the Northern Highlands because...

  • Striking mountain scenery
  • Choice of whisky distilleries
  • Explore the great outdoors
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